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HDS 2.3 12 C Ed

HDS 2.3/12 C Ed (Hot water compact class)

This single-phase unit with an air-cooled two-pole electric motor is part of our compact series of hot water pressure washers, small and lightweight units that are easy to load, transport, and store. Large diameter wheels and casters and ergonomically shaped push/pull handles ensure excellent maneuverability and mobility, even on difficult surfaces. The three-piston axial high-pressure pump has hardened stainless steel pistons and a brass cylinder head. The pump, burner fan and heating oil pump are driven by an electric motor and combined to form a drive module to ensure compact assembly and high power output, translating to excpetional reliability. Our proven Kärcher boiler design delivers high performance in a minimum of space while ensuring full compliance with statutory emission limits. A chassis made of high-grade plastics and a hinged plastic machine cover protect the units from damage and the weather. A central switch and holders for the hose, spray lance and small accessories provide unparalleled user convenience.

Features & Benefits

All controls are within easy reach.

Indicator lamps signal the status of the most important functions.

Storage compartment
For even more storage space.

Closed cover protects against loss and contamination.

For tidy storage of gloves, tools or accessories.

Easy press trigger gun and servo control
Ergonomic design for fatigueless working.

Easy press trigger for fatigueless use.

Pressure and water flow can be adjusted at the gun.

Soft damping system (SDS)
Protects all high-pressure components.

Compensates vibrations and pressure surges.


Technical Data  
Water Volume (GPM) 1.2 2.3
Operating Pressure PSI 450 1200
Power (hp) 2.8
Voltage Ph/V/Hz 1 / 120 / 60
Connected load (A) 20
Ship Weight (with accessories) (lbs) 270
Dimensions (L x W x H) (inch) 37 x 24 x 29


(actual unit may differ in appearance from image)


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